What is an in-patient rehab center?

An in-patient rehab center offers individuals with powerful substance abuse or process addiction issues, the luxury of focusing fully on getting well, without the distractions of everyday life.

A typical day in residential treatment is carefully structured, scheduled and accounted for, offering a place of safety and support.

A team of in-house psychiatrists, psychologists and counsellors meet with clients individually and in group sessions, in order to support and encourage them through the process of getting well.

Is an in-patient center right for me?

If you’ve tried other treatment programs with little or no success, then an in-patient, residential program is definitely recommended.

This option is also for those who want to deep-dive into their addiction in order to get a firm grip on what recovery means in order to maintain it in every-day life.

In-patient programs are often all-inclusive and require a minimum stay of 21 days or more, depending on treatment center.