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In-patient programs

In-patient recovery programs in Cape Town are intensive, residential facilities which offer a deep-dive into recovery with 24-hour support for those looking for a way out of addictive lifestyles.

in-patient programs
Out-patient programs

Outpatient recovery programs offer a more flexible approach to recovery, allowing the opportunity for the person suffering from the addiction, to continue going to work or school during the recovery process.

out-patient programs
Sober living houses

Sober Living facilities offer a supportive, nurturing environment for those looking to find their feet in their recovery, surrounded by others struggling with the same addiction issues.

sober living houses

Addiction Recovery & Support in the Western Cape

Cape Town is best known as a vibrant and cosmopolitan city cradled in the shadow of Table Mountain. However, the city is also has superb rehab facilities and is a great place to find recovery from active addiction.
Here’s just a few reasons why Cape Town is the chosen place for both locals and foreigners alike, searching for recovery from addiction:

Far away from bad influences

While most addiction counselors and recovering addicts will tell you that an addict can’t blame the people they hang out with or the places they visit, it is also true that going into treatment in an unfamiliar location makes relapse more difficult. Just on a practical level, not knowing the city, the clubs, the dealers and other people makes it harder for an addict to find their particular fix.

A safe and healthy environment

Cape Town Rehabs are among the best in the world, offering exceptional counseling and treatment for all kinds of addictions. In addition, the city itself is beautiful with fantastic energy, lovely weather and gorgeous natural surroundings – the perfect place for recovery.

Abundance of healthy activities

On entering treatment, addicts are usually confined to the rehab centre for a period of adjustment for their own safety. As their treatment progresses, they will be allowed to engage in various social activities. Cape Town is a breath-taking city, offering many healthy activities that are not linked to drug use or partying, offering the ideal opportunity for someone looking to reconnect with nature.

A strong recovery community

One of the ways that you can stay clean after treatment, is getting involved in fellowships with other recovering addicts, and continuing to practice a 12-step program. Cape Town has a strong recovery community, that addicts are introduced to during treatment. The recovery community is global – and by seeing others staying clean and coping with life, you begin to realise that there is hope after treatment, and that you are not alone.


The cost of addiction treatment can amount to hundreds of thousands, which is why South Africa, with it’s favorable exchange rate, is so affordable when it comes to recovery for people from other parts of the developed world. You can get extensive treatment for addiction at the fraction of the cost that you can get it in your home country, right here in Cape Town – without compromising on quality.

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