Clinical Psychologist Cape Town

Sue Cooper

Clinical Psychologist

Sue has over 25 years of experience as a clinical psychologist in Cape Town. Focusing on the interface between psychology, spirituality and self-discovery, Sue runs courses, workshops, half-day/day retreats and longer residential retreats. Integrating the wisdom of Buddhist psychology and meditation practices, Sue explores the various ways in which these can help an individual overcome painful issues and addictive patterns.

Learning to integrate the great paradoxes of life like love and loss, life and death, Sue’s approach teaches individuals how to embrace their humanness through the use of compassionate awareness.

Regardless of the type of addiction, Sue’s support and encouragement through her various groups, allows individuals to learn new ways of being, which are inline with their values and with the world around them.

Learning to love the self is a fundamental key for recovery and Sue’s offering facilitates this in a nurturing, holistic way.

Specialisation: Alcohol addiction, drug addiction, love & sex addiction, process addictions.
Closed Groups Offered: Yes
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