Addiction Councillor

Desiree-Anne Martin


Desiree works, listens and connects with people, getting incredible joy from watching individuals take responsibility for their lives. She cries with them and laughs a lot too. She teaches, she learns and she grows alongside her clients.

Working with women, men and adolescents, Desiree is a champion for those ‘lost causes’, believing that hope and magic, coupled with a healthy dose of reality and cynicism can turn a life around. She is known to be unafraid of speaking the truth as she sees it, and is comfortable being unpopular because of that.

Desiree has been working in addiction treatment centers for 9 years, and has been in private practice for 4. Focusing on substance and process addictions, trauma and emotional issues, you will find great support, strength and hope with Desiree.

Specialisation: Substance Addiction, Process Addiction, Co-Dependency, Recovery Integration, Woman’s Issues & Adolescents
Groups Offered: Group Sessions, Family Therapy, Skype Sessions, Online Recovery Support Group
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