Mental Health Counselor

Carol Millar


Sometimes we are faced with a challenge that forces us to think about what we want out of life, our career or lifestyle. This process can be quite difficult and messy, but it’s in this space that Carol operates, helping individuals find their purpose, define their direction and get to where they want to be.

Early recovery is about redefining what you want out of life, which may include a career change or navigating through other lifestyle changes. Carol also works with family members who have been affected by addiction or who are co-dependent, helping them to build healthy, sustainable relationships in line with their own goals and dreams.

Challenges offer an opportunity to re-evaluate what you want out of life, and define a way to reach it. Carol uses her many years of coaching experience and trusted coaching tools, to make sure that this opportunity for change is rich and rewarding.

If you’re looking for help in finding direction in your life or your career, then Carol will help you through the process.

Specialisation: Co-Dependency, Career Coaching, Recovery Coach
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