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The Cost of Rehabs Around the World

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The cost of rehabs

Deciding to check-in to a rehabilitation centre is a decision that should not be taken lightly. After all, making the decision is your first step to recovery, and you are putting your rehab in the hands of these professionals.

Don’t be swayed by glossy brochures and high prices – results are what you are looking for. Do your research, question and ask for references before you make a decision.

Rehab can be costly and while few people get it right first time, you should always give yourself the best chance. Most health insurance plans will cover one rehabilitation per year. This usually only covers a portion of the stay though, so choose wisely as you’ll have to foot the rest of the bill.

In some countries such as the UK NHS, citizens may be able to receive free treatment. However, there is usually a long waiting list for these state-run facilities. When you are desperate enough to seek rehab, you don’t have time to wait.

Super-luxury Rehabs

The most expensive rehabilitation centre in the world, in Switzerland no less, comes at a price of $79 000 per week, that’s £56 000, 63 000 or ZAR 93 000. This includes all therapeutic services, a 24hr live-in therapist, a medical check-up, full-board, 24hr medical supervision and detox at a hospital if required. These are all vital services which are offered by most rehab centres.

No doubt it’s the host of extra services such as limousine transportation, butler, concierge and housekeeping services, leisure activities that plump up the bill. Patients reside in luxury apartments dotted around Zurich for the duration of their treatment and the medical personnel live with them.

This is just one of the supremely luxurious rehabs chosen by celebrities, politicians or other high-profile figures who want to undergo their treatment in secret. Most countries have at least one of these maximum security, all-the-bells-and-whistles facilities.

It’s important though that you don’t let the cost of rehab overwhelm or cripple you. Most people recover perfectly well in lower-key establishments and even no-frills rehab centres. Your recovery is up to you, but it will be easier if you at least feel comfortable and at home in the centre you choose.

Global Prices of Rehabilitation

Here’s some insight into the cost of rehab around the world. This refers to in-patient treatment only.

Services and facilities include full board, detox treatment, therapy, family counselling, 12 step meetings if appropriate, and medical supervision. Options at higher-end centres may include private rooms, massage therapies, outings and other extras.

Rehabs in the USA

The cost of rehab in California is between $14 000 and $42 000 per month. That equates to an average of 28 000, £25 000 or ZAR 410 000 for 30 days of treatment.

Rehabs in Europe

Switzerland aside, the cost of rehab in Europe averages around £20 000 per month. Doing the conversion, that’s $27 000, 28 000 or ZAR 330 000.

Rehabs in Asia

There are a wide range of rehab prices available in Thailand, from around $4 000 for a shared room up to $14 000 at The Cabin, Asia’s most expensive facility. The average price in Asia works out to $11 000 i.e. £ 7 800, 8 800 or ZAR 240 000.

Rehabs in South Africa

South Africa is one of the most affordable options for outstanding first world rehabilitation facilities. The darling of the country, Cape Town is one of the most affordable places to start your recovery with prices starting at $3 200 (2 500, £2 300, ZAR 38 000) for 28 days. Luxury private facilities charge up to $5 500 (4 400, £3900, ZAR 65 000) per month.

You will find a wide range of treatments available in South Africa’s rehab centres. The traditional 12-step approach, mindfulness therapies and drug-assisted therapies are all offered. You can count on first rate medical attention at private hospitals and from highly-trained specialists if needed.

Some of the most successful treatment centres in South Africa are run entirely by recovering addicts which offers a personal approach that works better for some people than a psychological one does.

If you are earning pounds or Euros it makes sense to enjoy a luxury experience in Cape Town for the same price of standard treatment in your own country.

Spreading Your Wings

It figures that if you have really made the decision to go into rehab to get away from it all, traveling to a foreign country may be the best option for you. Especially if the exchange rate is in your favour.

Never lose sight of the fact that you are not alone. Making the decision to go into a rehabilitation centre should not be taken lightly, it’s a positive step and there is always someone who can guide your resolve.

Prices throughout this article are calculated according to the current (March 2018) exchange rates.

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