Recovery Zen is where you will find all the information you need, to help recover from addiction.

Whether you are a concerned family member or an individual gripped by the uneasy knowledge that you may have a problem, you will find it all right here.

From substance abuse (like drugs and alcohol), to process addictions (like sex or gambling), there is no need to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information out there.

You can search for and find trusted in-patient rehab programs, outpatient programs and sober living houses. You will find psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors and coaches, who specialise in addiction, right here in one place.

We also have an extensive, updated list of 12-step meetings available in the Western Cape.

Admitting you have a problem is the first big step in your recovery process, Recovery Zen is here to make sure that you are able to find all the information you need to start your journey on the path to recovery!

Addiction specialists believe that the opposite of addiction is not sobriety; the opposite of addiction is connection! Our sincere hope is that we are able to connect you with the information you need to climb out from under the weight of your addiction, and into the hope and possibility, of a new beginning.