Co-Dependency Anonymous Meetings

Co-Dependency Anonymous (CoDa) meetings are 12-Step meetings for those struggling with the obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviours associated with being co-dependent.

If you’ve always found yourself drawn to abusive or unhealthy relationships and feel a need to control or rescue other people, then you may be co-dependent. Unlike other addictions, there is a healthy side to co-dependent behaviour and it’s through 12-Step meetings that you’ll find ways to identify unhealthy behaviour patterns, and then overcome them.

CoDa meetings are open to men and women of every race, age and religion.

What happens at CoDa meetings?

CoDa meetings generally have quite strict guidelines around sharing, in order to limit co-dependent communication and keep the meetings a safe place. Being in a space with other people who understand your struggles and where you can relate to others’ stories, is a healing and encouraging environment to be in.




18h45 – 20:00
1st Floor  Christian Church, Light House Road, Kommetije


19h30 – 20:45
St Michaels Church, Rondebosch


19h30 – 20:45
The Baptist Church, 6 Merriman Avenue, Stellenbosch

City Bowl

18h00 – 19:15
Green Door, Congregational Church Hall, Cnr Kloof & Eaton Roads, Gardens


18h30 – 19:45
Milnerton Medi-clinic Boardroom


10h30 – 11:45
Falsebay Rendezvous, 57 Promenade Road, Lakeside