What are 12-Step meetings?

The 12-Steps is an abstinence based recovery program which helps support those suffering from addictions of all types.

While the original 12-Step process was based in religion, over the years it has been modified to include all beliefs, offering a spiritual program, rather than a dogmatic or religious one.

The 12-Steps offers the addict a non-judgemental supportive space in which to face their destructive behaviours, and find a new way of being. The meetings provide support, accountability and encouragement for everyone in the program.

How do 12-Step meetings work?

All meetings, no matter where you attend, follow a similar format and structure – so you can walk into a meeting in Cape Town, or a meeting in New York, and you will know what to expect.

The aim of the meeting is to offer a safe space in which to share what you are dealing with on a regular basis, in order to avoid internalising negative thoughts and feelings in a setting that is nurturing and supportive.

Regular meetings, working the steps and meeting with your sponsor on a regular basis offers a way out of addictive behaviours, thought patterns and feelings.

Types of 12-Step Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA, is a 12-Step meeting for those suffering with alcohol addiction, or for anyone unable to get through a day without having a drink. This is the longest-standing form of the 12-Step recovery process.

Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

Narcotics Anonymous, or NA, is a 12-Step program for those who find themselves unable to live without or who abuse drugs of any type – from prescription medication to illegal substances.

Sex Addicts Anonymous Meetings

Sex Addicts Anonymous, or SAA, is for anyone battling with obsessive thoughts or compulsive behaviours which involve intimacy, sex, pornography or masturbation. This is considered a process addiction.

Gamblers Anonymous Meetings

Gambling Addicts Anonymous, or GAA, is the 12-Step meeting for those who are unable to stop gambling, both online and in casino’s. This is considered a process addiction.

Co-Dependency Anonymous Meetings

Co-Dependents Anonymous, or CoDa, is the 12-Step program for those who find themselves repeating unhealthy, damaging behaviours in their relationships.